Application for an Allotment

Wester Hailes Allotment Association is always pleased to welcome new members when plots become available. Available plots are allocated to those who have applied to become members of the Association and whose names are on the waiting list. Why not join us by applying for membership now?

If you wish to apply for membership of the Association please complete the form below. All the fields should be completed.

If any of the details you provide in the application form change after you have submitted the form, would you please inform the Secretary. You can use the contact form (click here) for this purpose. If you do not inform us of any changes in your contact details we may not be able to contact you when we have a plot to offer you.

Before completing the application form you should be aware that the Association has rules to ensure the smooth running of the allotments, and good relationships with our neighbours. These are set out in the constitution and conditions of let. Click here to read or download the rules.

There is a long waiting list for allotments and you can expect to wait multiple years before being offered an allotment.

It is likely that when you are allocated an allotment it will have been neglected for some time. Expect to spend on average a minimum of 8 hours per week tending, planting, weeding and harvesting, even longer in the first year.

The commitment has to be regular. Even a well-maintained plot will soon become overgrown if it is neglected – even if just for a few weeks. Make sure you have time to commit to an allotment before you sign up.


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